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TOPIC: Hearthstone Players!

Hearthstone Players! 19 Jan 2018 09:02 #261461

Given the RNG-heavy nature of HS, I usually play a given deck composition 5-10 times before tweaking (unless it's terrible) - then 5-10 more plays before changing again. It seems like you guys are reacting faster, both to perceived issues with your deck, and against decks you play. Does that work for you?

Or am I misunderstanding your comments?
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Hearthstone Players! 19 Jan 2018 09:46 #261465

Fair question. Most of the time, I'm incorporating knowledge of other decks I've played into the one I'm playing now. For example, my assertion about needing Silence is based on the proliferation of Cubelock and/or Voidlord decks. Handbuff has little way to deal with that in an efficient manner and Warlock can always counter my slowly battering through his defenses with increased card draw to find answers to my damage minions (aka Defile and Hellfire.) Plus, wrecking a big Taunt strategy with a single card like Spellbreaker is often worth the 1 in 30 chance to draw it, if the rest of your deck is stable.

Also, as much as it may seem like it, I don't always talk about all the games I play and their impact on what I'm thinking. ;) I actually played 4 games with the Handbuff deck last night, but I used that one against the Shaman because of the symmetry with SoJ, which is I think the card that most would find questionable in it.
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Hearthstone Players! 19 Jan 2018 11:21 #261489

I usually only play like 5-6 games a day, so if I was waiting that long to see how there's bear out, I would never change at all. There's something to be said there, obviously. But I am not super competitive for the most part, and just want to try and do cool things. I like to get to R15 ~ R10 because I have collection/experience parity with these folks and it's not memes all the way down. I almost never ever play Casual, unless I am at like 16.2 and curious about something. I take my lumps with new builds on the Ladder.

Still plugging away with Recruit Shaman here. It's... fine. It's fine. It's not Evolve, which is nice. That was getting 1) Stale, and 2) Bad with all the jank at high costs they've rolled out 3/3s at 8, 2/4 at 9, &c. What a drag. I might play Evolve more if I had Unstable, but c'est la guerre.

Anyone see Fr0zen lose the Druid v Raza matchup this AM? Suuuucked. He tried to just Armor away and Surrender highrolled into Lyra-->Forbidden Shaping--> Deathwing in the mid-to-late to do him in longterm.
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