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TOPIC: Deals and Steals

Deals and Steals 13 Jan 2018 14:47 #260850

Sagrilarus wrote:
Southernman wrote:
Sagrilarus wrote:
I believe that this -- www.amazon.com/Magic-Gathering-Planeswal...estamp=1515006751009 is the piece of the Arena of the Planewalkers trio that is difficult to find for cheap. It's going for $4 in the U.S. on Amazon at the moment. The other two pieces are available at Five Below for $5 apiece. So you can get in on the full set for just $14, and it's a pretty doggone good game, especially with all three pieces of the set in the mix.

STOP posting ridiculous prices where us non-US bods can see.

That was a typo. $400.

Alright, knocking it around on Amazon, I see that I can ship this item plus another item (I need a total purchase of $25 or more) to an address in Devizes England I found on the Internet for $19.43 shipping. I don't know what happens in Customs if it even passes through Customs. Is that what you're seeing from your end?

Played on Amazon a bit more -- Innistrad and Zendikar shipped to an English address for $58.44 including shipping ($14.24). This assumes it clears customs unscathed. That's about £43 for both. Not cheap, but not awful either.

Customs gets you here, and they also add the postage to the value before calculating.

We can get the base game and Zendikar for a reasonable 'special' price here, cheaper than the 'post from the US' option (I got a couple of bases for a decent price for what you get in the box), it is Innistrad that I had to pay a lot more for and it just isn't available at all here now.
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Spartacus is on sale 17 Jan 2018 23:46 #261292

I often wish there was an underground board game smuggling network that used Math-trade-style software to connect travelers and gamers. Every time you delivered a game to somewhere like Australia or Costa Rica, you would get some kind of abstract reward from the computer that tracked everything.

I guess BGG does that, but at some point the wages were too depressed to be worth my not-that-valuable time.

Oh, Spartacus is ON SALE
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