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TOPIC: What ROLE-PLAYING have you been doing?

What ROLE-PLAYING have you been doing? 16 Sep 2017 10:59 #254341

The last two weekends I've run the 5e adventure The Lost Mine of Phandelver. That's the one with the starter set, although all of my players have at least some experience with D&D, if not 5e.

We've had a great time. We haven't yet gone far off-book, and who knows if we will. I won't share details in case some aren't familiar with it, but suffice to say it's the sort of adventure that allows the players to see the kind of things D&D can do. Lots of fun opportunities for both combat and roleplaying, and it's a great training ground for a more inexperienced DM like myself.

We won't be able to play again until well into October. I am really looking forward to it though.
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