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TOPIC: Let's Talk- Blizzard

Let's Talk- Blizzard 18 Jul 2017 17:48 #251348

Colorcrayons wrote:
Its a pretty decent couch coop too, if people can deal with their inventory management at the end of an encounter or whatever. Otherwise it feels like a game of Suzy dress up dolls.

You say this to the guy that spends 2 minutes with Destiny Item Manager to put together a t12 arc burn armor set, and then another 10 minutes moving pieces around or choosing different shaders so that I look fierce. Or at least not like a hobo. All for a 10 minute strike.
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Let's Talk- Blizzard 18 Jul 2017 22:48 #251363

I for one welcome the change in D3, but I feel that the AH soured a lot of people.

I like that it's going the Bastion's way, free change of skill in game. A game provides more alternative ways of knocking enemies out instead of just getting stronger and stronger. I used to like the crunch of character building, but no more. Skill should play out in the field, not in excel file and reading frame data. I also hated that you could play a character to their 60s only to find that they have no chance in end-game difficulty level.
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Let's Talk- Blizzard 19 Jul 2017 04:07 #251366

boothwah wrote:
Yep. The reason why it was the second download for my xbox one after paying for it on my 360. Couch co-ops are a dieing breed man.

Aren't they just? My favourite (derail) is Assault Android Cactus. Just got Rocket League which seems promising, but haven't played it co-op yet.
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