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Rants & Raves
MattDPMattDP   October 23, 2017   2888  
Early in this year I set myself a goal of playing through as many innovative games as I could. I gave a shout out for candidates, picked the most popular options and got playing. It's taken a long time but the goal was and worthy one: to try and recapture the excitement of discovery in a new game. It's something I seemed to have lost, and I wanted to find out why: was it me, or was it games? Most of all, I just wanted it back. As the leaves turn golden and the nights draw...
Up Your Game
MattDPMattDP   July 24, 2017   3702  
Regular readers will know I have a bit of a foam fetish. I’m sure it started when I discovered a hand-painted figure I’d slaved over had worn, even through a coat of varnish. Now I’m not happy with anything painted, no matter who painted it, unless I can be confident it’s cushioned in acres of sweet, soft foam. This proves a bit of an issue if you start collecting Fantasy Flight’s pre-painted Star Wars miniatures or, indeed, miniatures of any kind. For a lot of games regularly-shaped foam pockets are sufficient. They’re great for storing X-Wing...
Trash Culture
engineer Alengineer Al   July 05, 2017   2716  
Stanislaw Lem made me fall in love.
Gary SaxGary Sax   July 03, 2017   2839  
Ages ago I had a article series where I took games in my collection and thought about them via the one mechanic I think defines them.  Today I’m going back to that with Comanchería from GMT Games.
MattDPMattDP   April 09, 2017   3701  
I've been playing hobby games for over 30 years, the majority of that time focused on board games. Increasingly, I've been growing bored with them. Not in the sense that the games themselves are boring, but that they all look the same. Consider what lit up geeks in 2016. Terraforming Mars, which was arguably an outer space version of Agricola. Scythe, another step in the plodding evolution of the "waro", a genre that sprang up around the turn of the millennium. Even my favourite game from last year, Hands in the Sea, is a straight-up rehash of A Few...
743 results - showing 6 - 10  
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